Serizzo Sempione

Ortogneiss aplitico a grana molto fine omogenea...

Well-foliated granitoid orthogneiss, almost never small eyes. It is the finest grained, homogeneous variety; it has a light gray color due to the presence of a smaller quantity of biotite than the Antigorio and Formazza varieties. Mineralogical composition: quartz, potassium feldspar, plagioclase (An 25-30%), biotite, muscovite.

Location of extraction:
Crevoladossola, Trasquera, Varzo

Geological relevance:
Antigorio nappe (Lower Pennidic)


Civil and industrial construction: indoor and outdoor floors and coverings, treads, risers, skirtings, thresholds, windowsills, window surrounds, portals, frames, covers, balconies, shelves, columns.
Urban furniture: curbs, road paving, benches, fountains, flower boxes.
Furnishings: fireplaces, tables, kitchen and bathroom countertops.
Funerary art: monuments, chapels.