Natural stone processing

The company

It was 1983 when Roveda Valter, Pioletti Riccardo and Roveda Ercole, having proven experience in the stone sector as employees, decided to start their own business, founding Beolart snc. Through harmony, individual qualities and professionalism, the company immediately created the foundations of an announced success.


BEOLART SRL has specialized for over 40 years in the mechanical and manual processing of stones, especially gneiss, serizzo and granite. In particular, it produces and sells wholesale (for companies and private individuals) stone materials for construction, urban/garden furnishings, interior furnishings and funerary art. Click here to see all the areas of interest.


We process the typical materials extracted in the quarries of our territory on a daily basis, starting from the various types of gneiss and serizzi, up to granites and marbles: Beola Bianca, Beola Favalle, Beola Ghiandonata, Beola Grigia, Serizzo Antigorio, Serizzo Formazza, Serizzo Sempione, Montofrano White Granite, Baveno Pink Granite and VCO Marbles. Enter to see the details and technical data sheets.

Split and pointed work

This type of processing is an expression of manual tradition and highlights all the natural aesthetic characteristics that the stone naturally possesses.

Others worked

Thanks to the experience handed down through generations, we treat various materials, always with the skill of our ancestors and with the best modern technologies.

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