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BEOLART SRL is specialised since 1983 in the mechanical and handmade carving of natural stone like beola, serizzo and granit. It realizes and sells stone products for engineering construction, home and garden furniture, funerary art as wholesaler to companies and private customers.

FLOOR COVERING AND WALL CLADDING (interior and exterior): Beolart is considered as one of the most important company in the province of Verbano-Cusio-Ossola for beola floor covering and beola mosaic paving with split surface processing. It offers a wide range of serizzo, beola and granit interior and exterior floor covering and wall cladding with different surface finishing possibilities: split, sawed, honed, polished, bushhammered, sanded flamed, brushed, sheared, aged, bevelled, calibrated, etc. Plates can be in different sizes and thicknesses (1 centimeter minimum) or in mosaic version (opus incertum style, palladiana, irregular mixed shapes) available.

URBAN and GARDEN DESIGN: Paving stones, road pavings, steps, cobblestones, stone cubes, kerbstones, sidewalks, stone bollards, wall blocks, fence columns, tables, benches, barbeques, fountains, drinking fountains, stone vases, flower bowls and planters, road grates, manholes, security bollards.

FINISH WORKS FOR ENGINEERING CONSTRUCTION (civil, industrial, rural, mountain construction): Roofing materials (roof stones), doorsteps, steps, stairs, rises and steps, window sills, covering stones, skirting boards, corbels, balconies, columns, pillars, column capitals, arcades, window frames, portals.

INSIDE FURNITURE: Stairs, fireplaces, corbels, tables, steak stones, vases and flowerpots, sinks and washbasins, bathroom and kitchen tops, etc.

FUNERARY ART: Tombs, monuments, chapels, cippuses; statues, sculptures and different engraving options.

MANUFACTURING ON DEMAND OR ACCORDING TO PROJECTS: Beolart can evaluate any request; our hightech machines can produce peculiar cuts, outlines and shapes from your Autocad files. We garantee a direct line with our experts.

Surface and edge manifacturing: Every products ist available, depending on use or necessity in different finishing possibilities: split, handfinished, rounded, halbrounded, with semi bullnose edge, shaped, punched, sawed, honed, polished, bushhammered, sanded, flamed, brushed, sheared, aged, etc.



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Following the Council Directive 89/106/CEE -CPD (on the approximation of laws, regulations and administrative provisions of the Member States relating to construction products) we provide for all commercialized products EC certificate and conformity marking.

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