Art and technology for our customers

In 1983 Roveda Valter, Pioletti Riccardo and Roveda Ercole after a long working experience in the stone sector decided to open an own factory and founded their Beolart partnership. As their working together in team was great and all of them had special personal and professional qualities and skills, their company started on a strong base heading to a conceivable success. The economic recovery of the 80s helped their company to be known among private customers and big companies in the whole North of Italy.

A new phase for Beolart started on the 1st January 2003, when the three original founders left the company and two new leaders took their places. Their names were Roveda Valerio and Roveda Michele. Valerio is, at present, the company manager and the person in charge of its technical sector. Michele is the marketing and communication supervisor. Efficiency and creativity helped the company gain a new market share and raise the company brand.

Notwithstanding  its continuous renovation of machinery and work systems, absolutely necessary in the present hyper-technological world market, Beolart distinguishes itself in its unique manual production. Some particular and high appreciated craftmade products can not be carried out by machines at all. Only great personal skills and the creativity of such artisans, who can be considered real artists in their field, can tranform a rough stone into a masterpiece, as, for example handmade stonetiles or stone kerbs, little fountains, planters, covering stone slabs with especial edge finishing, worked properly out to show their natural surface. Thanks these extraordinary features Beolart has gained a prestigious position in the stone market, both in Northern and Central Italy as also abroad (Switzerland and Germany). Beolart's must is to improve over and over in the future: every single step of the company is being and is going to be made to reach this goal.

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